Fit, Healthy and Happy

Your way


Life is meant for enjoying. It’s too short and too fragile to waste, and in a society where health is on the decrease, and obesity and mental health problems are on the increase, it is so important to value your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. I am personally dedicated to the improvement of my clients’ - and my own - wellbeing through nutrition, exercise, yoga and mindfulness.

Together, we can address challenges, devise realistic and achievable goals and celebrate successes and achievements.

Personal trainer, yoga instructor, group exercise instructor and nutritionist covering Surrey and surrounding areas.



Your fitness is your journey. It’s not about comparing or competing against others in the gym, and we can work together to create a fitness regime that works to your preferences and abilities, whilst pushing you to make progress at each session. Through personal training sessions, yoga and group exercise classes, you can find your own style, which you enjoy and gives you results.


Optimal health and fitness is 20% how you workout and 80% what you eat. Overhauling your exercise regime won’t have any effect unless you address your nutrition. We can work together to understand where improvements can be made to your diet, whilst still enjoying food that you love.