Thank you so much. I really enjoyed today’s session!
 As I said, you are really good at explaining and very encouraging.
 Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Once again thank you for contacting me, I really enjoyed the pt session with you and I was amazed at what you showed me regarding pelvic floor exercises! All these years and no one had ever showed me that before, even the physio at the hospital!!

Thanks again Tricia for being so kind, informative and motivational! We all enjoyed your session today.

Thank you for tonight’s motivation it’s greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for all your encouragement and support. I look forward to our PT sessions. 

Thank you so much for the detailed follow up, and for keeping me going today.
Really appreciate all your encouragement and looking forward to getting good abs and general fitness!

Thank you for the email and for taking the time to show me the exercises in my induction. It was very interesting (especially the pelvic floor/core exercises) and helpful.

I have been working on the exercises that you taught me and I even played badminton at the Leisure centre with my daughters yesterday!
I am already beginning to feel a difference!

Thank you for spending so much time with me; I am very appreciative of all you have done and the motivation you have given me. Anyway, Tricia, thank you so much for all your time and effort and I will make sure that all your input is used well. It has been lovely getting to know you, too.

…. is benefitting so much from all the encouragement that you are giving him and I 
have never seen before seen him as motivated as this about going to the gym 

Brilliant, really enjoyed the class and not feeling any serious aches or pains

Just wanted to thank you for taking me around yesterday. You were really thorough and certainly know your stuff.
 I appreciate you being there, and I will definitely be calling on you for your support with my efforts this year.

Thank you for the session Tricia it has really helped me. I was also wondering if I could have the recipe for your muesli bars as Id love to give them a go. Thank you again

Thank you for a great induction session yesterday found the warm up ideas and all those wonderful stretches really useful.

 Thanks for all your help this year you were great.

Thank you for the time you spent with me after class on Thursday.  I felt quite comfortable the next day but am finding muscles I forgot I had.

Thank you soo much-Tricia for your training and support.I feel like I have so much more energy and stamina now after working out with you in the gym. I feel 20 years younger!