Tricia is the perfect combination of positive energy, creative and challenging exercise programs and kind understanding of my ageing body. I love to attend her classes and get a program from her because being around her just makes you feel calm and that anything is possible. I am a huge fan!
— Anne Stevens

I’ve been a member of various gyms throughout my entire adult life. Having joined Lifestyle fitness a few years ago... then losing my mojo and then rejoining AGAIN... I found Tricia at last. Tricia’s classes are the best. I currently do her circuits, boxing and yoga. They are fun and friendly - there’s no pressure, no competitiveness and Tricias professionalism shines through. Tricia is a true inspiration x
— Debbie Kelsey

I’ve recently started some PT sessions with Tricia to get me back in the fitness game after pregnancy. Tricia is very experienced and knows her stuff and really pushed me with new exercises and routines. She made me feel super comfortable and I would highly recommend her as a trainer! Thanks Tricia xx
— Abigail Dillon

Tricia’s classes are excellent. She creates an environment that enables the individual to find their level, but she gets to know each individual so can give you that little push you need. As a result, she has attracted a good group of people of mixed ages and levels of fitness. We work well together and have a bit of fun too! I have been doing circuits on a Tuesday & Yoga on a Thursday and I have noticed a massive difference in my core strength and all-round fitness.
— John Thorne

I would like to give- Tricia my Yoga Flow instructor the highest recommendation. Tricia is an excellant, inspiring teacher. Her programs are brilliantly planned and seamlessly choreographed.
She clearly and precisely explains and demonstrates how to achieve the various poses, postures and exercises with add ons and options for the different levels, according to our physical makeup and abilities. She helps and encourages us to achieve them. I have without question benefitted from her classes with significant increase in muscle strength and flexibility. I feel energised and refreshed after every lesson ,each one new, inspiring and fun! I come away looking forward to the next one. In short I am hooked on these classes.
— L.B.

I started yoga with Tricia a few months ago to improve my flexibility. I was quite nervous but she immediately made me feel at ease and her classes cater for all levels. She is very knowledgeable and gives you lots of encouragement and positive energy. Thank you Tricia for all your help and advice you give me and of course the fab yoga class each week!
— Simone Rose

I have worked with Tricia for the last 6 months and have hugely benefitted from her personal training expertise and invaluable dietary and wellbeing advice. My goal initially was to improve my upper body strength and as I had never done gym fitness before she started me off slowly and gradually built up the exercises to incorporate an all round vbnprogramme to suit me. I was overall fit from swimming and dog walking but was weaker in other areas. I loved the yoga cool down and will certainly be joining your class. Thank you Tricia for helping me to keep me fit in my retirement.
— G.B.

I went to see Tricia after I’d injured my knee...I was ready to start exercising again but I wanted to ensure I didn’t do anything that would set me back, so a Personal Trainer seemed the obvious solution. Tricia was recommended to me. She is very knowledgeable and experienced and I knew immediately that I could trust her not to let me do anything that would hamper my recovery. In fact, she safely guided me through a series of real challenges with her easy manner and confidence. She also managed to make the sessions enjoyable (even though I was working hard!).
— Connie

Tricia helped me strengthen areas of my body, especially helping me to get up from low heights. As I am 79 and not as strong as I was I appreciated the way in which she tailored the exercises to suit me. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their fitness.
— Norman Bryant

Your flow yoga at the Arena on Mondays makes me feel so much better about myself and I miss it so badly when unable to attend a class. This always means its harder to do the moves. So if anyone sees this they must practise, as Tricia always tells us to do...thank you Tricia for being so supportive too in helping me through some of the moves.
— Sylvia

Tricia always went above and beyond to help me on my journey that wasn’t just about losing weight. She always made sessions different and exciting but I never left without feeling like I’d really worked hard. I especially enjoyed our boxing workouts. I always enjoyed my messages with new recipes and information about the specific diet I was on. Thanks for all your support.
— Alicia

At 71, and with some physical problems, I was quite apprehensive about joining the gym . I needn’t have worried, Tricia was brilliant. Always with appropriate exercises and always investigating about other ways that she could help. I feel so lucky!
— Geoffrey

I was keen on the idea of joining a gym but lacked motivation, however, Tricia has changed all of that, I have a personal program which Trisha adapts according to my aches and pains!
Working regularly with her has seen me feeling and looking better.
— Jane G

I have been under Tricia’s wing for over a year now. I am definitely not a typical gym guy. However Tricia has inspired me to make changes to my attitude to both nutrition and fitness. I have already recommended her to one pal and would willingly recommend her to anyone. Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm is infectious.
— Tim Vaux

Thank you, Tricia, for your great patience, understanding and professionalism in helping a very unfit octogenarian back to some semblance of respectable mobility.
— Bryan Frost

You are inspirational and motivating, enthusiastic and committed to your students and your classes are inclusive for all levels.
— N.D.

Thank you soo much-Tricia for your training and support.I feel like I have so much more energy and stamina now after working out with you in the gym. I feel 20 years younger!